George Kalaitzides
Owner / Principal Architect

George Kalaitzides, the founder of George Kalaitzides Architects, established the practice in 2016 in Pafos.

George trained in architecture at Neapolis University Pafos and in urban & rural planning at the Engineering School of Thessaly University. He is a fully qualified architect and very experienced with the Cyprus planning system, given his previous work experience in large property development companies.

He grew up in Greece and now lives in Pafos, on the island of Cyprus. He is married and the father of two girls.

George is a member of the Cyprus Scientific and Technical Chamber (ETEK) and the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE – TCG).

Architecture is not just a job. It’s a passion.


  • Architectural Design1

  • Interior Design2

  • 3D Visualization3

We provide fully integrated architectural services throughout Cyprus, with an emphasis on design, materiality, and fully realized eco-friendly and innovative solutions.

Using modern planning methods and considering all factors that could contribute to the project, we carry out comprehensive studies, with a focus on satisfying the desires and needs of the client.

We are passionate about design and construction and work alongside the contractors, relying on a partnership based on mutual respect and collaboration.

We aim to make sure that we complete each project while meeting its full potential in all ways, including the economic, social, and environmental areas. Right from the start, we give our full attention to the project.

  1. At George Kalaitzides Architects, we provide architectural services, specializing in residential projects for private clients and developers. We handle everything, from concept design and technical drawings to all the necessary documentation, permits and finally to construction inspection.

  2. We provide interior design services for our projects, to ensure the creation of a holistic and consistent space, always in harmony with architectural concept. Interior design services are also provided to renovation and conversion projects.

  3. With 3D modelling and visualization, we involve clients early in our concept, to ensure they experience different options before actual construction, using realistically animated conditions and life-like materials.



Award-winning architectural design studio in Cyprus

We are a small architectural design studio, founded and run by George Kalaitzides in Paphos, Cyprus, in 2016. As a forward-thinking architectural practice, we have a real focus on design, engineering, and modern architecture.

Our work follows the philosophy that every building and project is completely unique. We listen carefully to the clients, understanding and appreciating their needs, while taking on board the existing morphology of the site, cultural and social context, as well as local rules and regulations.

A team of highly trained, very experienced, and skilled professionals, collaborate with our studio to achieve the best results for our clients. We deliver high-quality projects, emphasizing detailing design, materiality and bringing to life environmentally friendly, innovative design solutions.

Our goal is to create spaces that enhance the human experience, always having in mind the client’s requirements, schedule and project’s budget.

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