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This is a luxury villa located in Peyia, a touristic village in Cyprus. The site is near the Sea Caves area, a unique place of natural beauty, with very interesting geological formations of caves and stone lodges, around the coast.

The basic parameter that defined the design concept, is the amazing view of the site to the Mediterranean Sea. Thus, the house volume had to be open and transparent toward the sea. This was achieved, by using clear and simple geometrical forms, in a modern and minimal approach.

The roof of the building was set as the main structural element of the synthesis. Built from board form concrete, it forms a strip that covers the fully open southern facade and also the path to the villa’s entrance. At the same time, it is strongly holding the building to earth.

With such a dramatic physical background, we decide to keep everything simple and intergraded into the landscape and its surroundings. In order to enhance this relationship, sometimes by emphasizing the difference and others to focus on the similarity, we decide to use natural materials, such as stone, wood and concrete in their physical form, in combination with clear white painted walls and advanced aluminium systems.

3d video animation

Structural Engineer: Kleopas Papanicolaou.

Photographs by Creative Photo Room studio.

Sea Caves, Peyia
New build
Completed _ 2021
Creative Photo Room studio

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