F&E Residence

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This split-level house design distinctly separates private and public spaces through its architectural form and material choices. The house features two clearly defined volumes.

The lower level includes the kitchen, dining, and living areas, an office, and a bathroom. Constructed with board-form concrete, this level highlights its public nature. Positioned 60cm below the upper level, it subtly distinguishes these communal spaces from the private ones.

The upper level contains three bedrooms (one with a private bathroom and dressing area), an additional bathroom, and a utility room. This level is entirely painted white, signifying a more private and intimate zone.

The use of different materials—board-form concrete for the lower level and white paint for the upper level—visually and functionally separates the less private from the more private areas, shaping the building’s form accordingly. A stone wall separates the house from the earth while maintaining a connection to it, enhancing the structure’s integration with its natural surroundings.

Emba, Paphos, Cyprus
New Build
Completed _ 2022

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