Melia Residence

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This contemporary home seamlessly integrates modern design with its natural surroundings. Situated on a gently curved hillside, the residence features an innovative layout that maximizes both privacy and panoramic views. The exterior combines stone and concrete with clean lines and flat roofs, creating a sleek, minimalist aesthetic. The outdoor spaces include a serene courtyard with dining facilities, lush greenery, and a private pool area, offering an ideal retreat for relaxation and entertainment. Inside, the open-plan design enhances the sense of space and light, with the house thoughtfully separated into zones according to privacy levels. Large windows and glass doors connect the interior to the picturesque landscape, ensuring both openness and seclusion. This home offers a perfect blend of luxury and tranquility for those seeking a modern sanctuary in a natural setting.

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Armou, Paphos, Cyprus
New build
Olias Homes Ltd
Under construction

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